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Show Me The Way

Mar 17, 2024

Journalist Josie Cox is a leading authority on the relationship between economics, business and gender. In this episode of Show Me the Way, the author of "Women, Money, Power: The Rise and Fall of Economic Equality" talks about the history of women’s fight for economic emancipation and the barriers to gender equality that still exist today.

We discuss the untold stories of female financial pioneers, sexism in the workplace and how Covid has impacted the gender pay gap. Despite the harrowing reality of the data, Josie’s book is a call to action to unite in collective effort against gender inequality and create a fairer, better workplace for us and for future generations. As she tells me, “the book I wrote is called ‘Women, Money, Power’- but it’s not a book that is for women, it is a book that is for everyone".

About Josie: Josie Cox is a journalist, editor and broadcaster covering business, economics, and gender equality. She has worked for the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Independent, The Guardian and Forbes among others and is a regular guest on the BBC. Josie is an Associate Instructor at Columbia and her book ‘Women, Money, Power’ is out now in March 2024.

Link to Josie’s new book: Women, Money, Power: The Rise and Fall of Economic Equality.

For Emmeline's bookshelf Josie recommends: 

Pauli Murray: The Life of a Pioneering Feminist and Civil Rights Activist by Rosita Stevens-Holsey and Terry Catasús Jennings

Proud Shoes by Pauli Murra

Other links:

In my conversation with Josie I reference the Harvard Implicit Association Test. You can take a test here.