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Show Me The Way

Jun 7, 2023

Anne Aslett is the CEO of the Sir Elton John AIDS Foundation and with Sir Elton, she's launched The Rocket Fund - a $125 million campaign to help end AIDS by 2030. 

The ambition for the fund is to create a world free from AIDS, for everyone. To reignite the conversation around HIV/AIDS and turbo-charge the mission to reach vulnerable people in most need of support as we celebrate PRIDE month in the UK. 

On the latest episode of Show Me The Way, Anne talks about her 20-year career with Sir Elton John and his foundation. Her brother, whose death inspired her to join. And the global initiatives she's involved with that are helping provide access to HIV prevention and treatment services for over 1 million people.

Did you know?

  • LGBTQ+ people account for 17% of total HIV cases globally yet receive only 0.04% of development funding that provides medical care across the disease spectrum.

  • Every two minutes in 2021, an adolescent girl or young woman was newly diagnosed with HIV. 

  • Nearly 5,000 young women contract HIV every week.

To find out more about the Fund go to The Rocket Fund or visit the Sir Elton John AIDS Foundation website here.

For Emmeline's bookshelf Anne recommends The Rainbow Parade by Emily Neilson – a story about the diversity of family life and relationships. 

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Anne Aslett, CEO, Sir Elton John AIDS Foundation