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Show Me The Way

Oct 15, 2022

Welcome to this special edition of Show Me The Way podcast with me Naomi kerbel. It's special because we recorded it on LinkedIn Live Audio so you'll excuse some of the tapping and tinny sounsd as we get to grips with this new platform. 

Today I'm talking to Kim Arnold, the founder of the world’s No. 1 email writing...

Sep 22, 2022

"This isn't a story. This is my confession. I have killed my ex's new partner."

Punchy opening to this feminist revenge thriller by debut novellist Scarlett Brade. 

In it Charlotte is dating a famous boxer. All is champagne and roses, until it's not and social media has a huge part to play. 

On Show Me The Way Scarlett...

Sep 8, 2022

What was the most painful breakup of your life? Was it a romantic relationship or was it a friendship? Certainly for me both rank pretty highly in terms of sucker punches in my history.

On today's show, Claire Cohen, author of BFF? The Truth About Female Friendship suggests that from infancy we are fed a diet of 'Best...

Jul 24, 2022

Welcome to Show Me The Way - the podcast that speaks to women at the top of their game about what it takes to get there.

Emma Moseley is a feminist campaigner and the voice behind the hugely popular instagram account @EmmaInProgressUK which dissects misogynistic behaviour on reality TV. And right now her life is deep in...

Jun 12, 2022

Love it or loathe it. As soon as the first letter of the month turns to J, the reality show Love Island is EVERYWHERE from slogan tees to water bottles to wash bags.


Now in the past the show’s been sponsored by fashion brands like BooHoo and the stars often go on to do collections for sites like Pretty Little Things...