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Show Me The Way

Nov 21, 2023

Erin Baker is the UK’s most senior female motoring journalist and a Global expert in automotive content that drives women to buy cars.

She is the Editorial Director of Auto Trader and a Vogue, Marie Claire and Vanity Fair motoring contributor. She's also a Goodwood content consultant and is licenced to drive and race some of the world's coolest cars and motorcycles.

Erin knows a lot about cars and talks about them in a way that makes you want to drive them...with the ultimate aim of buying them. But she is far from a petrol head. She is passionate about the next generation of transporation and how it can become accessible for all. 

In this episode of the podcast we talk about her mission to get more female motor journalists to ultimately engage a female audience in being actively interested in car buying; electric vehicles - the many myths and opportunities they pose; debunking "vegan" interiors (a load of rubbish in her opinion) and taking "She's Electric" - a moment to engage women curious about driving electric - on tour. 



For Emmeline's bookshelf she recommends:

There is no such place as away - a book that leads children and adults to question just chucking stuff away.


Learn more about Erin here and read her work here and on AutoTrader and follow her in X and LinkedIn

Learn more about She's Electric: spaces for women curious to learn more about living a more sustainable lifestyle and making the switch to driving electric.