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Show Me The Way

Oct 12, 2019

Very shortly after the birth of her son, Kathryn Grant suffered a rare but serious condition called Postpartum Psychosis. She and her son were hospitalised at a psychiatric Mother and Baby Unit, where she was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
Kathryn had suffered from periods of depression throughout her twenties, whilst working in the City. Now it all made sense: and as she recovered from the psychosis she gained a great deal of understanding around her mental health and wellbeing.

She has now trained to be a Mental Health First Aider and shares tips on how to help yourself and others who may need support and the journey that she went on to get the help she needed. 

We talk about how to look after your mental health:

* Working out your coping strategies 
* Finding your tribe
* Modelling good behaviour - being an example to others
* Experiencing the joy of missing out

Kathryn is a former Bank of England economist, who latterly worked at the Greater London Authority and KPMG.

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Kathryn Grant mental health first aider