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Show Me The Way

Jun 30, 2023

More than one in two women across the UK find it challenging to start their own business.

Why? New research says it's down to limited access to finance. That's the most significant barrier as well as a lack of mentors, operational knowledge and self-confidence. 

Tinuke Awe is a social entrepreneur. She is the founder of Mums and Tea, a social platform for Black mothers which has a 13,000 strong community. And she's the co-founder of FIVEXMORE which campaigns for improvements in Black maternal health in the UK. 

Heather Cobb is the SVP of Member Engagement at Tide, the businesss banking platform which has committed to helping 200,000 women launch businesses across the UK by 2027 and conducted the research. 

Mums and Tea are one of the businesses they’re supporting. 

Tinuke and Heather join me on Show Me The Way this week to talk about the solutions out there to overcome the challenges women are facing setting up news businesses and Tinuke shares her experience and wisdom on how she's managed it. 

For Emmeline's bookshelf:

Heather recommends The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery:
A beautiful story that is relevant for children and adults, reminding the grown-ups to reconnect with a childlike sense of wonder, creativity and imagination.

Tinuke recommends Speak Up by Nathan Bryon (Author), Dapo Adeola (Illustrator) which is about a little girl's passion for her local library and how she stops it from closing.

To find out more about the Tide Women in Business 200k campaign go to

And for Mums and Tea


Tinuke Awe and Heather Cobb