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Show Me The Way

Aug 11, 2023

No one's perfect, not even Barbie, and we should stop expecting it of our female leaders. That's the view of Tamara Box, this week's guest on Show Me The Way. She's a global business leader and Managing Partner, Europe and Middle East for law firm Reed Smith, as well as the trustee on the Chartered Management Institute board and chair of the CMI Women's Committee. 

In this week’s episode, Tamara talks about breaking expectations of female perfectionism in the workplace, and the need to create an environment where women can not only get to the top, but want to be there and stay there. 

We discuss society's expectations of female leaders and the sad fact this means many end up falling off the glass cliff and we go into some depth on Alison Rose, the CEO of NatWest who recently resigned. 

Hear her expand upon her view of the importance of kindness in leadership and the power of the corporate sisterhood, reinvention and resilience. Tamara also has some great book recommendations.


Tamara Box


For Emmeline's bookshelf Tamara recommends: 

The Magic Treehouse series

Jack Stalwart Secret Agent