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Show Me The Way

Aug 25, 2023

“There seems to be a feeling of sustainability continuously now. People are wising up and not buying new anymore.” Andrea and Toni from Arsenic & Tea. 

On this week’s episode of ‘Show Me The Way’, I am joined by Andrea and Toni, the founders of vintage fashion company ‘Arsenic & Tea’.  

Born out of a mutual love of fashion, Arsenic & Tea sells its hand selected, high-quality pieces via Depop and Instagram Live to its community of loyal customers. Be it pre-loved, vintage or simply just the unique and unusual, Arsenic & Tea supports sustainable fashion all the way, ensuring their carefully selected, unique pieces receive love and avoid landfill.

In this episode, Andrea and Toni discuss the world of vintage clothing, tips for buying vintage and finding the confidence to say: “this is me, and I look fantastic.” 

Tune in to hear them expand on the challenges of women starting a business, sustainable shopping, as well as their experience in the supportive industry of empowering women.

For Emmeline’s bookshelf:

Toni recommends ‘Flossy Teacake’s Fur Coat’ by Hunter Davies: a magical book which explores the imaginative desires and impatience of young girls to grow up and discover jobs, boys, parties and more… 

Andrea recommends ‘Catcher in the Rye’ by J.D Salinger: which is about a teenage boy’s quest for truth in the adult world. It explores the struggle against growing up and the protection of childish innocence.