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Show Me The Way

Jul 23, 2020

Katherine Moore is Head Coach at Track Record. She spent 10 years in sport working with multiple Olympic champions — she was Head of Sports Science and Medicine for British Canoeing and Lead Physiotherapist for The English Institute of Sport.

Katherine Moore

In those roles she used biometric measures to help improve performance and she now applies those methods in the business world helping FTSE 100 bosses and others improve their stress resilience and confidence.
In this episode we talk about those methods: how to take control of your confidence and unleash your potential by exploring her four domains of resilience that will enable you to perform at your best: the physical (how well you're sleeping, nutrition, recovery); mental (what's your mental load); the emotional (how good are you at self regulating and shifting out of negative moods) and identity (what are your values and what do you want your legacy to be).

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Katherine's book:
Take control of your confidence: The inside track to unleashing your potential