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Show Me The Way

Sep 15, 2021

Spending time at home as part of a hybrid working week is now a norm, not an exception. Yet apart from some beautifully curated framed art on your walls (we all envy a good Zoom backdrop) how much thought have you given to the space you're now working in and how tweaking it could maximise your potential?

That's where Zoë Vita James comes in. She's a classical feng shui practitioner who uses the centuries old practice to help women understand their true selves, desires and help make their dreams come true.

Classical Feng Shui is the very much tailored to the person, however there are still some tips that you can pick up and use straight off the bat and she shares some of those with us here.

Zoe spent 17 years in the professional services industry (PwC) advising internationally renowned investment banks (and as a Chartered Accountant). Now she brings that same clarity, calm confidence and gentle empathy to Astrology & Feng Shui work.